Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day

Worksheets - US Edition (V1)

These worksheets can be downloaded in a PDF format and used along with the book.

Dear Karen- Re MySpace, less so than say LinkedIn or Facebook. MySpace certainly has its following, but I’d think you would do better with Facebook or LinkedIn. Re SUNY Brockport, ‘81 Physics/Math. Small world, eh? D

   by evansdave

i don’t know what worksheets are yet, but it looks useful:) i’ll study hard this book

   by mooncheonghwa

Dear Evan,
I’m working as an Dutch intern student working to set up a social marketing plan for the first time for a company in Malaysia. There are setting up a new Maritime school and they want to include social media in their marketing strategy. This is harder than it seem in the beginning.
I conducted so far a literature paper about social media so they understand that social media is not just facebook and they can use it as a company’s tool to be a social business. Therefore I used your book, thank you for that.
The school only exists on paper so far and the marketing hasn’t even begun. They even haven’t got a marketingplan (like we know it in Europe).
Now I have to focus it by writing a plan for them. But there is nothing to listen for on the web. And the blogosphere in Malaysia is rather immature. I don’t really know how I can set up goals and a strategy for something that still not exists. And without a marketingplan as a guideline. And I can’t make a touchpoint analysis.
My plan is to keep it simple because there are not well known with the web and marketing but some kind of a guideline how they can use the basic opportunities of social media.
Goals: visibility, awareness and costumer service
channels: Facebook, Twitter, Blog (Youtube and Flickr when they create content)
(based on most popular social networking sites in Malaysia)
When the school has started they can start listening by using the tools, quantify the content, impact and relevance. And look for the influencers in the channels.
Can you maybe tell me if I am on the right track ?

   by Marck van Dijk

Thanks for brilliant worksheets!!! Social media marketing connects me better with huge visitors and community response in my business and blogging sites. I think it’s great ways to highlights the impression of the main things.

   by Shane Warne

This book and worksheet will help me. I will have to study them now.

   by North East India