Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day

Part IV: Chapter 13 “Objectives, Metrics, and ROI”

Walking into a ballgame, you'll often hear someone shouting "Programs! Get your programs! Can't tell the players without a program!" I can't think of a better analogy for this chapter: it's all about nailing down -- in writing -- what you are trying to do so that you know what to measure, so that in turn you'll know when you have achieved your goals. Knowing what to measure -- and indeed what social media channels to apply -- begins with your business objectives and your audience.

  • It is essential that you identify and clearly state your business objectives before deciding on specific elements of a social media program.
  • The behaviors of your target audience are key in setting both the strategy and in identifying the metrics that will support your campaign.
  • Conversational content can be measured, with the metrics leading to an understanding of who is talking about you and what they are saying.
  • Metrics collected near and within your purchase process link the conversations to the actual impact on conversions. This is the data that can help you establish an ROI for your social media programs.