Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day

Part III: Chapter 12 “Social Interactions”

In Chapter 9, "Social Platforms," I presented personal and business networks along with whitelabel services through which you can build your own social spaces and applications. In Chapter10, "Social Content: Multimedia," and Chapter 11, "Reviews, Ratings, and Recommendations," I presented the content that people create on the Social Web, content ranging from casual, shortburst conversations on Twitter and personal refl ections like ratings and recommendations to more thoughtful blogs, reviews, conversations, and multimedia.

You can think of these as the nouns of the Social Web, the people, places, and things of interest to those who posted them and as well to those who commented on them and shared them with friends. This chapter is about the verbs, the connective threads that tell you what's happening.

  • By combining social knowledge with real-time presence, mobile social applications are changing the way people interact in real-world settings.
  • Feeds make it possible for you to manage large amounts of information. You can use feeds to keep up with customers, competitors, partners, and suppliers.
  • Feeds make it possible for your customers to keep up with you. As you create social content, consider adding a feed to make it easy to track and discover.
  • Social media forces a rethinking of branded content: what does it mean when recipients have a hand in the creative and when the content itself is reduced to its purely informational state?