Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day

Part III: Chapter 10 “Social Content: Multimedia”

This next chapter and the one that follows, "Reviews, Ratings, and Recommendations," are all about the content that people create and share on the Social Web. This includes content that relates to your product, service, and brand. In this chapter, you're going to look at pictures, videos, and podcasts, and at the tools people use to produce and publish them. For now, these tools are free -- at this point, interruptive online advertising remains the primary business model. For how long is anybody's guess. As you work through this chapter, think about the difference between the content you are interested in and the ads that appear nearby. What if the ads went away? Who would pay for these services? Would anyone pay at all? Perhaps more importantly, who would use these tools to advertise?

  • Blogs are an effective, easy way to build a credible social presence: Be prepared to deal with direct, public customer feedback.
  • Microblogs are casual forums that can be used to quickly create a following.
  • Audio and video content can be used to extend text-based information. When created by your customers, video can convey to them a real sense of participation in the brand.
  • Podcasting gives those interested in what you have to say the ability to choose where, when, and on what device they will listen.
  • Social media is one of the many tools that you have available when developing and extending your business presence. Like your entire toolbox, the more that your social components interlock with each other and with your traditional efforts, the better.