Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day

Part III: Chapter 09 “Social Platforms”

In this chapter, you'll learn to evaluate the use of social networks in a business context and see how they encourage interaction and conversation. I'll show you how these networks provide quantitative information about how your brand, product, or service is being viewed. You'll spend time on community platforms, including support forums and the "white-label" community tools that you can use to build your own social presence. I'll make the case for why you should consider using social communities in support of your business objectives.

In your exercises this week, you'll gain hands on experience in online social settings. The exercises are designed to highlight the business oriented applications of these social spaces, and to provide you with ideas and a starting point when adding these tools to your social media campaign.

  • Social networks lend themselves to direct participation.
  • Participation and transparency are central to success on the Social Web.
  • You can tap existing social marketing applications that operate within leading networks.
  • You can use white-label platforms to implement your own community and support services.