Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day

Part II: Chapter 07 “Influence and Measurement”

If you could ask your customer just one question -- and your business depended on the answer -- wouldn't you want to ask that question? The Net Promoter score, developed by Fred Reichheld, is based on one simple question: "How likely is it that you would recommend [name of company, product, service] to a friend?" It turns out to be a fundamentally important metric and central to the successful implementation of social media. Think about it: If your own customers would not recommend you...well, you can see the problem.

This chapter starts with an in-depth look at the Net Promoter score. It continues and covers existing metrics, some of which you are probably already collecting, and then it shows how these metrics can be used to make a case for the utilization of social media and used to create a basis for the determination of success.

The measurement of influence is critical to successfully implementing social media. The Net Promoter score works very well for capturing and tracking this.
Influence -- rather than control -- is the central element you have at your disposal on the Social Web.

Taking the time to gather and distill quantitative metrics is essential: Speak with IT, your webmaster, media group, and your CFO to develop a comprehensive dashboard and report card that includes potential social measures.
Integrate blog indexing services and any relevant online data that you have access to into your measurement platform.