Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day

Part II: Chapter 06 “Touchpoint Analysis”

How many marketers have gone to great lengths at considerable expense to devise and implement campaigns that conveyed a strong customer service orientation with regard to their brand only to see their efforts hobbled by a customer service team that was measured by how quickly representatives could end a call? When you see that scenario as it's presented here, it is obviously contradictory. No one would really do that, right? Actually, it happens a lot, and much more often than it should.

In this chapter, you'll continue with the product or service you selected. You'll build a touchpoint map and then learn to use it to build your action plan internally (where you'll work to resolve problem spots) and externally (where you'll turn your focus to the touchpoints that matter to your customers).

Always willing to do this. Thanks for asking.

   by evansdave

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