Social Customer Experience

Part III: Chapter 10 “Social Objects”

Chapter Summary
Networks and communities are made up of people, of course, but they are also made of something else: content. In fact, as a customer the first thing you probably notice about any social channel is the content: Is it interesting? Is it useful? Can you rely on it? If you’re creating a social experience for your customers, you want them to answer yes to all of those questions.

But what kind of content do customers want? What’s the best balance between brand-published content versus customer-generated content? What’s the most effective form for content: text, image, video, or something else? To answer those questions, we need to look at social content in broader context. We’ll do that through the powerful concept of social objects.

Review of the Main Points
The main points covered in Chapter 10 are listed here. Review these and develop your own list of social objects around which to plan your social presence:

  • Social objects are central to developing trust and trusted content—the customer-approved subset of social and branded content is most valuable.
  • Social objects are the center of social activity. Without the social object, no meaningful conversation forms.
  • Social objects are often built on lifestyles, passions, and causes, because these are universal areas of commonality and discussion.
  • Social objects include talkworthy aspects of your business or organization or unique features of your product or service.
  • Social objects, like any other type of online content, should be optimized for search and discoverability. Social objects are very much the connectors between a community and the people who enjoy or find value in being part of it.

    Social objects are a building block of online social communities, and as such they are an essential consideration in the development of your social business and social media marketing programs. Built around areas of shared interest, your participation in existing or purpose-built communities gives you a powerful connection point between your business or organization and the people with whom you’d like to build stronger relationships.