Social Customer Experience

Part II: Chapter 07 “Five Key Trends ”

Chapter Summary
This chapter covers five key trends that are driving the adoption of social technology in business, trends that as a result are forcing organizations to change and adapt. This chapter takes a look at significant consumer technology trends, ranging from engaging right here, right now, to making a game of everything, and places each into the context of a business that is setting itself up for success in the face of seemingly constant change.

Review of the Main Points
The five key trends covered in this chapter are summarized in the points that follow. Get these things right and you’re on your way to a solid implementation of social technology in business.

  • Real Time Listen and engage with your customers, in and around the channels that they prefer. Immediate response is now the norm: Your customers expect a direct linkage to your company. Take advantage of off-domain social applications by listening to what is being talked about and connecting these people to your on-domain social applications.
  • Mobile Real time essentially implies mobile: Think of mobile as the platform for “real-space” applications. In the way that real time means right now, at this moment, real space means right here, at this place. This is where your customers are heading. Meet them there.
  • Co-creation Customer-driven design and lightweight customer participation (ratings and reviews, for example) lead to businesses built on co-creation models. Co-creation speeds innovation and positively links your business to the market.
  • Crowdsourcing The follow-on to co-creation, crowdsourcing adds peer content, turning control over to customers and opening up business opportunities in the new sharing economy.
  • Gamification By making it fun, by making it a challenge, and by making it a game, you can encourage your customers to participate in co-creation and crowdsourcing and orient these activities on a positive track that helps you build your business.