Social Customer Experience

Part II: Chapter 06 “Social Analytics, Metrics, and Measurement”

Chapter Summary
Chapter 6 hits our personal passion with regard to social media and business: measurement. This chapter covers the question that keeps most decision makers and change/process champions up at night: “How do I measure this and make sense of it?” It takes a hard look at the rationale for establishing specific metrics along with the tools and platforms that provide and analyze these metrics in the context of your objectives.

Review of the Main Points
The main points covered in this chapter are summarized in the points that follow. The essence of Chapter 6, with credit to Katie Paine, is “Yes We Can! (measure social media).”

  • Understand quantitatively what is happening on the Social Web, on your website, and in your business.
  • Tie these measures together to create a complete feedback loop that includes the delivery of what is learned to the functional areas within your business or organization that can act on and respond to this information.
  • Use quantitative techniques such as correlation to find relationships in available metrics that you may not have considered and that once identified can lead you to new understanding of what the impact of social media and Web 2.0 really is.
  • Move beyond basic metrics in all of your measurement areas, and press into a complete understanding how these metrics indicate where you are heading rather than simply where you have been.

    By taking the time to connect the dots, to link together the fundamental sources of data that are available to you, you can significantly increase the likelihood of gaining acceptance and support for the organization-wide adoption of social business practices. This sets up the truly collaborative relationships between your business and customers, or between your organization and its constituents, that drive long-term success.