Social Customer Experience

Part I: Chapter 04 “The Social Business Ecosystem ”

Chapter Summary
This chapter concludes Part I and the introduction to social technology and its impact on customer experience. It pulls together the elements of the social customer experience ecosystem—profiles, applications, communities and forums, and more—and thereby provides the basis for understanding how to connect current and potential customers with the inner workings of your business or organization, where collaborative processes can drive long-term benefits.

Review of the Main Points
Implementing social customer experience initiatives challenges many of the accepted norms in traditional top-down management systems. It requires rethinking some aspects of running a business and in many ways involves the not-so-obvious discipline of running your business as if you were a customer.
The tools and techniques covered in this chapter pull together the connection points between an organization and its stakeholders and in particular accomplish this in a way that facilitates knowledge sharing. The main points are these:

  • Businesses connect socially to customers through visible relationships and useful, collaborative applications.
  • Participation, knowledge transfer, and social activity can be measured.
  • Friending and reputation management are important aspects of social behavior that lead to strong communities.
  • Effective moderation and clear policies spur community growth.
  • Brand outposts created within communities popular with your audience are ideal places to connect your business.

    By recognizing the components of the Social Web and the ways that your customers or stakeholders use them, you can adapt your business or organization to a more participative, collaboration-oriented audience. This closer connection comes at a cost: Accepting customers as collaborative partners imposes an obligation to consider what they offer and to act on it. Not all businesses can do this, and even fewer can do it easily. That said, there is a clear process for accomplishing this, and there are plenty of cases and best practices from globally recognized firms that have been successfully building their own businesses using social computing and related techniques.