Social Customer Experience

Part I: Chapter 02 “The Social Customer”

The New Role of the Customer
The Social Web connects your organization
and its stakeholders—customers, employees, suppliers, and influencers, all of whom have defined new roles for themselves. This chapter explains these new roles in business terms, showing you how to determine which connections matter, who is influencing whom, and where the next great ideas are likely to originate.

Review of the Main Points
This chapter explored the more participative role of the customer and the tools that support the new expectation of an opportunity to talk back to the brand and shape future experiences and interactions. In particular, this chapter covered the following:

In particular, this chapter covers the following:

  • Social relationships develop when three elements are present: a means to connect, a motive to connect, and an environment in which a relationship can grow.
  • Social CRM is a business philosophy. It refers to the tools and technologies used to connect your customers and influencers into the forward-looking, collaborative processes that will shape your business or organization as you move forward.
  • Social customer experience management (SCEM) is about engagement and innovation, getting at “what’s next” from your customers’ point of view. SCEM is most useful when applied at the business (operational) level.
  • nfluential customer engagement programs that capture, prioritize, and route relevant conversations directly into your organization are an essential component of your customer engagement program. Look for automation, workflow, contact management, and robust analytics when selecting social engagement tools.

    In summary, social customer experience management involves the entire organization and the complete management team in response to the newly defined role of the customer as a participant in your business. Some of the concepts and technologies have evolved from marketing, while others are straight out of high-scale customer care. Unlike the adoption of social media tools and techniques for campaign efforts, however, picking up on and implementing ideas generated through social customer engagement requires the participation of the entire organization.