Your Bucket List for 2013

Published January 02, 2013   permalink

First things first, and a roadmap that starts with your business objectives is a great place to begin. It sounds simple - of course you'll be working toward the common objectives of your organization, right? On closer inspection, though, take a look at your own job objectives, and the objectives of your most senior leaders: are they aligned? To the untrained eye, would it be clear that you worked for the same company? It's important to start with business objectives when creating your social platform roadmap precisely because, for too many organizations, the objectives deeper in the organization tend to reflect local goals (like launching a Facebook page or developing a new application for use with an existing business page) rather than connecting that Facebook effort to improved margins or the realization of new competitive advantage. Chances are, the senior objectives look more like the latter, and it's important that yours do too as you build your social program roadmap for 2013.

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