Support Forums: The Core of Customer Care

Published June 06, 2012   permalink

Ready to take social media to the next level? Looking for a way to jumpstart your social CRM program? Consider integrating support and knowledge communities into your social technology effort.

Social media-based marketing programs, typically built around outreach and scheduled outbound communication, are one element of the marketing effort in savvy organizations. Fishing where the fish are - Facebook is approaching 1 billion members worldwide - makes a lot of sense, especially when highly targeted advertising based on verified demographics that were only dreamt of 10 years ago is within the reach of any marketing professional.

But beyond outreach, what do you do? How do get the fish into the boat? The answer may surprise you, for two reasons. First, consider the path to advocacy, the process through which an ordinary customer is raised to super fan status. It doesn't happen in conventional marketing alone, because advocacy is driven not by a promise made, but by a promise kept. That means operations. Second, that promise-keeping technology isn't found in your brand outposts: it's found in the interaction between customers that is facilitated by those outposts.

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