Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day

Published September 21, 2008   permalink

My new book, "Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day," is for marketers wanting to combine social media skills and expertise with their existing, established capabilities. Much of the book is based on my experience as a marketer and product manager, positions where success is largely dictated by what others, outside your direct span of control, think of you. That is, more or less, how the Social Web works.

This book is about learning how to properly use the Social Web to your business advantage and about how to effectively participate as a marketer by adopting the underlying behaviors that power the Social Web and making them the basis for your business and marketing plans. It's about the fundamental paradox between giving up control--you can't control conversations that aren't yours--and simultaneously gaining influence by becoming a respected member in the communities that matter to you. This book is about realizing and putting to business use the powerful connection between participation and influence, and ultimately preparing for and embracing what's next.

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