Life on the Road: The Importance of Customer Care

Published October 11, 2012   permalink

We're all comfortable now with self-support and peer-based support environments and the critical role these play in social customer care. Think about how useful a well-run social support site can be, and not just at 2 a.m. when the phone banks are closed, either: peer-to-peer communities provide the opportunity to interact with others who have similar interests and needs and those who found an innovative solution to the very question you have. That's a big brand satisfaction booster and an advocacy driver rolled into one neat package.

That said, there also times when there is just no substitute for an agent, trained in the product or service, ready and wanting to help you. That "wanting" part is important, too, because being a customer care agent is a sort of cross between an RN and a crisis counselor: by the time customers have reached out to an agent, they're often past the point of rational behavior and expectations. They need it, they want it, and it has to be now. Or else. We've all been there.

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