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Published June 10, 2009   permalink

OK, so I just got called out by Surekha Pillai (@surekhapillai) about my bad blogging habits. She pointed out --correctly -- that as I head out to lead social media workshops my own track record on this blog is pretty poor. February. April. And now this post in June.

I could cite my schedule: 3 cites in the past three weeks, and two continents in the next two. Not good enough. The fact is, being a participant, one of the key elements of interaction on the Social Web, requires more work than consuming a TV spot. I need to be a better participant.

So, what's a reasonable posting scheduling? For most business people, it's probably more like once a week: Keep this in mind when you set up your company blog. Enlist a few people to blog so that content is updated regularly. Otherwise, two things happen:

First, even though the RSS mechanism by which updates are spread about doesn't care, your readers will: They'll lose interest if they don't here from you. Second, and as is the case with me, readers will actually take note of the fact that you aren't participatiing enough. Left unchecked (and please note that I am immediately responding to Surekha) this can turn negative. Obviously, you don't want that!

Surekha, thanks for pointing this out: The truth is that no doubt others have seen my blog and thought the same thing. It's that old saying, "For every one customer who says something, ten are thinking it.." I'll get my act together.

I am really excited about my upcoming trip to India: i am visiting Dehli, Bangalore, and Mumbai with 2020Media on the 22nd, 24th, and 26th of June respectively.

In the meantime, look for just a bit more activity here. wink

Reader's Comments

Always straggled with consistent posting myself. Good for you for owning up to it and generating a dialog at the same time. Bravo!

By Uzi

A Social Media Expert neglecting his blog? Now that is irony. Any how, I am deployed to Iraq and getting ready to make my return. One of my buddies has a copy of your book and he is going to lend it to me soon. Hopefully I will find it useful.

By That Guy John

Well, I must say I do not post to my blog frequently. Currently I am only updating once a month. Since I am only on chapter 4 of your book, can you please suggest a reasonable amount of times one should post per month? Kudos to you for admitting you are human, we all get busy.

By Laurice Hewitt

Just a quick note to That Guy John letting you know that I appreciate your comments as well as your service to our country. Let me know how useful you find my book, too: I am happy to answer questions that you may have.

By evansdave

Regarding posting frequency, if you are posting more often than I do you are probably OK! grin More seriously, the frequency should ideally be determined by your audience and what you have to say: Weekly is probably a good target for most unless you have specifically set the expectation that you are a daily blogger. Very few can actually maintain that pace while keeping the “signal to noise” ratio high.

By evansdave