Grab Your Name (Before someone else does)

Published December 22, 2008   permalink

You've probably seen "JanetatExxon," the brand jacking of ExxonMobil's corporate identity on Twitter. The message to brands and brand marketers ought to be clear: Start monitoring the Social Web, and take a minute now to at least secure if not invest in your social presence as new networks and services open up. OK, maybe you can't be in all of them...but places like MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn...are all big and mainstream enough that you should be paying attention to these.

Which brings me to this post about a recent Facebook episode that is still unfolding. You can read the details by following the link: The short story is that a bunch (make that a big bunch) of college alumni pages on Facebook have been co-opted for potential use as forced marketing platforms. Check it out, especially if you are involved with higher ed marketing.

Again, the message is clear: Take the time now to sort out your social presence, and begin securing the many references to your brand, ideally before they are used by someone else for something you;d have never done, much less want associated with your brand as if you had.

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