Getting International Right

Published December 23, 2009   permalink

Doing business globally has always been tricky. Conflicting cultural norms, accidental faux pas, and outright mistakes can quickly escalate when local sensibilities are offended.

Spending time in India, I've become much more aware of the way my own "assumptions" regarding what's "normal" versus what might be considered offensive. You can imagine my reaction when I saw the Häagen-Dazs campaign from TBWA, launched in India. From a company whose product I love came an execution (almost literally) that rivaled Mortin's "Baby Wearing" idea in its misunderstanding of others (namely, the people who actually buy ice cream in India, or "wear" their babies anywhere...) and as a result in its similar and very predictable reaction on the social web.

Check it out, and see what you think: The Haagen-Dazs International Passport Campaign

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