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Published April 13, 2011   permalink

Are you a social media professional looking to broaden your knowledge, or to earn a certification in social media as it applies to business? Take a look at the University of San Francisco's online training program. The course runs about 8 weeks, and it's completely online.

I had a chance to go through the program recently at the invitation of Joe Schembri: Joe works with USF. Led by subject matter experts, each of the units covers an essential aspect of social media marketing. Ranging from the tools--Facebook, Twitter, blogs and forums, for example to listening and measurement, the USF program is very comprehensive: The program covers every tool or technology that you'll need to create a effective social media program for your business or non-profit organization.

The certification program also includes some of what I consider to be "core learning" -- creating a strategic plan, building a cross-functional team and pulling in HR and your legal team for example. There is something in the course for every part of your organization.

I especially enjoyed the self-paced, video-intensive nature of the program: it is easy to understand, easy to watch and easy to follow. Learning was a pleasant experience, and while the course itself is not :"instant' the actual time required is very reasonable given the overall depth and coverage that the course provides.

I recommend this online class for anyone seeking a recognized certification in social media marketing. Contact Joe, or visit the site online.

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