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Published April 16, 2011   permalink

Like a lot of others, I purchased a jawbone Icon ("Noise Assassin") bluetooth earpiece. Not only was holding the phone near (my) head uncomfortable, having anything in either hand other than a steering wheel while driving is unsafe (and in a growing number states, illegal.) The problem is that as good as the Jawbone is, the "fit" of the earpiece using the standard kit is nothing short of awful. It hurts. It falls out. It lets ambient sound into the ear canal, with the remedy being having to boost the phone volume. It's a shame, because the unit itself is awesome.

I looked online and found several vendors that make custom-molder earpieces. In particular, Avery Sound was highly rated and offers a broad line of custom ear pieces. This seemed like a perfect answer.

But then I had a thought: What about local? What about an ear specialist in Austin? I googled, and found Austin Hearing Services. I called them to see what they offered. I knew right away that this was going to a great experience when I got a call back--personally and directly from Dr. Margaret Hutchison--just a few minutes after my initial call.

Austin Hearing Services is just a few miles from my office (Capital of Texas Highway, very near 2222 for those in Austin): As much I shop online, this was a great chance to shop locally. I'm really glad I did.

First, Margaret conducted a complete ear exam, and showed me the inside of my own ears (It's cooler than you think!) She did that to make sure there was no reason that a custom earpiece would cause problems later. Reading the reviews of the online earpiece providers, they seem to have a lot of happy customers. At the same time, having an audiologist check your ears seems like a really good idea. And not only did Margaret check my ears, when she made the mold she inserted a special soft-foam stopper so that the molding compound would never touch my ear drum. At this point I was very happy that I chose to go to an ear specialist.. By the way, all of these services were included in the cost of getting the earpiece fitted and made, and it was only marginally more expensive than online.

Sure enough, my custom earpiece arrived today. It fits perfectly, and it's super comfortable. My earpiece is totally secure in my ear now: running, problem at all. The earpiece is snug and so allows me to turn the phone volume down. The fit of the Jawbone against my cheek is perfect. And, I know it's been fitted correctly.

In summary, if you're looking for a custom earpiece and you haven't had your ears checked in a while, consider making an appointment and getting your earpiece fit by a professional. If you're in Austin, give Dr. Hutchison a call at Austin Hearing Services. Wonderful customer service, great product, and the satisfaction of shopping locally.

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