Ad:Tech NYC 2008

Published November 10, 2008   permalink

Back from Ad Tech in New York last week. Another excellent show, as always (disclosure: I am a prior Ad Tech Advisory Board member). Most notable for me was the extent to which savvy brand managers are now adopting and using social media.

Zappos' Brian Kalma--krian_balma on Twitter--talked about the importance of getting the customer experience right in a social context versus the temptation to measure and manage. Brian's point is that too much measurement can actually lead to deterioration in service, because the end-points (e.g., a conversion) rather than the process (e.g., the social experience) take center stage. How does this translate into practical action? Simple: Instead of measuring CSR productivity, Zappos measures customer satisfaction with the CSR interaction.

Kraft Foods' Andrew Markowitz and Intuit's Scott Wilder provided solid insights as well, in particular through examples of the benefits of genuinely ceding control to customers. All Intuit products have a supporting community and/or forum associated with them.

Engauge EVP Karna Crawford alone made her panel worth with practical guidelines on the application of social media to business: starting with the business, understanding the audience, and then doing the things that connect the two.

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