What Drives Customer Service

I'm passionate about customer service and what drives it, what makes it great and why it sometimes fails. ReadThis.com is a collection of my own experiences with the brands, products and services that I encounter as a customer, stakeholder or interested by-stander.

The New Social Contract

Published January 17, 2009   permalink

Rich Harwood, blogger and founder of The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation tipped me to Hyundai's "Assurance" program.

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Tell The World Who You Are

Published January 04, 2009   permalink

Suppose we were meeting for the first time. What would you think of me if I handed you a blank business card?

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Grab Your Name (Before someone else does)

Published December 22, 2008   permalink

You've probably seen "JanetatExxon," the brand jacking of ExxonMobil's corporate identity on Twitter. The message to brands and brand marketers ought to be clear: Start monitoring the Social Web, and take a minute now to at least secure if not invest in your social presence as new networks and services open up. OK, maybe you can't be in all of them...but places like MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn...are all big and mainstream enough that you should be paying attention to these.
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Your Customers Seek Reassurance. Lead them to it.

Published December 15, 2008   permalink

Driving in to the office this morning NPR's feature focused on the use of social marketing and the role that social content plays in changing behavior and encouraging smart choices by instilling confidence. A timely topic, no doubt.

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It’s All About Interactions

Published November 29, 2008   permalink

When considering social media and marketing applications, a lot of us focus on the content--a YouTube video or a blog post--or an online place where people congregate--like Facebook. That makes sense, too, given the way we behave in the real world: As marketers, we create content and then put it in places with lots of traffic, where it will get seen.

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