What Drives Customer Service

I'm passionate about customer service and what drives it, what makes it great and why it sometimes fails. ReadThis.com is a collection of my own experiences with the brands, products and services that I encounter as a customer, stakeholder or interested by-stander.

India’s New (Business) Leadership

Published June 30, 2009   permalink

I've just concluded an amazing business trip to New Dehli, Bangalore, and Mumbai. Though my expectations for the trip were high--India is an exciting place to do business--I was completely unprepared for the reception I received.

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Next Stop: Delhi

Published June 19, 2009   permalink

I am heading to India--sitting in Newark in the Continental President's Club right now--to lead a series of workshops on the business use of social media. This has been arranged by 2020Media, a leading PR firm in India and grew out of the presentation I did around my book at SXSW in March. It is really exciting to be developing relationships in an emerging market, and one that is surely important on the world stage.

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How Much Effort

Published June 10, 2009   permalink

OK, so I just got called out by Surekha Pillai (@surekhapillai) about my bad blogging habits. She pointed out --correctly -- that as I head out to lead social media workshops my own track record on this blog is pretty poor. February. April. And now this post in June.

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So you’re on Facebook. Now what?

Published April 01, 2009   permalink

As more people join Facebook, the question inevitably arises: "How do I tell the world who I am?" The issue isn't unique to Facebook either -- you could just as easily substitute MySpace, LinkedIn, Orkut or Twitter (although to a lesser extent, as you'll learn in a minute) and then take a step back and ask yourself the same question.

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The Marketing and Operations Connection

Published February 06, 2009   permalink

Fundamental to the effective use of social media in marketing is getting the product experience right. This stands in marked contrast to traditional efforts that focus on getting the message right.

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