What Drives Customer Service

I'm passionate about customer service and what drives it, what makes it great and why it sometimes fails. ReadThis.com is a collection of my own experiences with the brands, products and services that I encounter as a customer, stakeholder or interested by-stander.

Getting International Right

Published December 23, 2009   permalink

Doing business globally has always been tricky. Conflicting cultural norms, accidental faux pas, and outright mistakes can quickly escalate when local sensibilities are offended.

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White-Label Platforms: The New Application Layer

Published November 29, 2009   permalink

I'm currently working with Lithium, Jive, and LOOPPA community platforms to create what amounts to an "application layer" for a larger social ecosystem. It's an intersting approach to managing the simultaneous requirements of rapid scaling, robust activity streams, and multi-constituent, overlapping communities.
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My Road to Social Business Strategy

Published September 29, 2009   permalink

I was talking with Ted Shelton and others over Twitter a week or so ago about the evolution of concepts and disciplines as The Social Web/ Web 2.0 continues to push us all forward. I mentioned some early talks, and Ted asked me to send my slides and whitepapers from 2004, 2005. Ted co-founded ,a href="http://theconversationgroup.com/" target="_blank">The Conversation Group to explore social technologies and the impact they have on business. Ted just published his group's Open Management whitepaper. Check it out.
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An Approach to Social Business Strategy

Published September 12, 2009   permalink

Working with Gaurav Mishra, at 20:20Social in New Delhi we've developed and validated a logical, step-by-step approach to the application of social technologies in business.

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Twitter as a Social Channel

Published September 01, 2009   permalink

This is a post I've been meaning to write for awhile -- a tweet this morning prompted me to action.

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