What Drives Customer Service

I'm passionate about customer service and what drives it, what makes it great and why it sometimes fails. ReadThis.com is a collection of my own experiences with the brands, products and services that I encounter as a customer, stakeholder or interested by-stander.

Invest in the First Experience

Published February 08, 2011   permalink

Take the time to get your transations right: The payoff is a positive first impression in an increasingly connected business world.
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The Marketing and Operations Connection

Published January 10, 2011   permalink

One of the undeniable transformations occurring due to the increased use of social technology is the connection between marketing and operations--between what is promised and what is delivered.

This connection has been a mainstay of my view of the social web--whether deployed as a participative platform in business--for example, the use of a Facebook business page--or as core technology--a customer support community or the adoption of Socialtext, for example, as an enterprise platform for collaboration.

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Hettich America Gets It

Published December 18, 2010   permalink

A few months ago I was helping my mother-in-law with some repairs at her home in Georgetown, TX. Built by Del Webb, the cabinets had been fitted with hinges from US hardware manufacturer Hettich America. The problem was, the hinges were systematically failing. With only normal use, a small plastic component was breaking, leaving the hinge operational but minus its 'self-closing" feature. As a result, doors would hang open a quarter inch or so.

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Tahoe Snowcial: Be A Part Of It

Published October 16, 2010   permalink

As one of the founding attendees of Tahoe Snowcial--a combination of snow and board sports, technology, and travel & entertainment--this is an annual event that always gets me excited. Opening January 6th, 2011 and continuing through January 9th, Snowcial is a conference for marketers, operators, and business participants that is built around the impact of technology and social media on the wintertime snow sports and related entertainment markets.
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Boingo. Think of it as a Marketing Partner.

Published September 11, 2010   permalink

i checked in at a Sheraton Hotel in New York last night. The typical "guest" experience unfolded: Walk in off the street, and use the WiFi in the lobby for free. Pay money for a room, and you can (also) expect to pay for WiFi on top of that. Enter Boingo.
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