What Drives Customer Service

I'm passionate about customer service and what drives it, what makes it great and why it sometimes fails. ReadThis.com is a collection of my own experiences with the brands, products and services that I encounter as a customer, stakeholder or interested by-stander.

Why Support Communities Work

Published October 31, 2012   permalink

Vibrant online communities, built to tap the passions, lifestyles, and causes that we all organize around, naturally restore the social component of your online presence.
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Life on the Road: The Importance of Customer Care

Published October 11, 2012   permalink

As you are considering your social media strategy, be sure to consider customer care, and make sure it spans all channels that customers are likely to participate on.
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Support Forums: The Core of Customer Care

Published June 06, 2012   permalink

Built around the needs of your customers, support forums can be the ultimate anchor point for your social marketing program.
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Social Media and Customer Care: Scale Up or Go Home

Published April 04, 2012   permalink

If understanding what your customers are saying about you is "right now," then the tools and processes to tackle social customer care at scale is "what's next."
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Customer (Dis)Service and the New Marketing

Published January 11, 2012   permalink

Are you preparing your social customer care team for their future role as brand advocates?
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